PREMIUM PROJECTS was founded by Chris van Kamp and Christoph Helbig in 2001. Two dedicated professionals in the concert touring industry, both had worked in their fields in the Nineties for years. Acting as a production office for tours and festivals in the beginning, they soon went into corporate and private events, producing for clients like DEUTSCHE BANK, HUELSTA and DRAEGER MEDICAL before settling in the experience industry, producing and distributing theatrical content and live entertainment modules all around the globe.


Chris started out as a Radio DJ but soon moved into the live industry. He worked as a Lighting and Set Designer, Production Manager and Show Coordinator for international show and tour productions. He quickly managed to combine the development of content with a virtuoso application of modern stage technology. At PREMIUM PROJECTS Chris is responsible for concept and staging of Event and Show Content. He compiles the creative integration of the most modern technology available by cooperating with PREMIUM PROJECTS’ vast network of specialized technical experts.

Says Chris: “At the age of 5, I built the stages of TV shows out of cardboard boxes and lit them with my flashlight. In the meantime the dimensions may have increased, the flashlights have become brighter, but the passion has not changed one bit. I love combining traditional elements of local culture, scenes from my dreams and modern technology to create internationally understandable visual spectacles. Only by leaving the crowd amazed with sparkling eyes after a show does the work pays off and I feel as satisfied as I did in front of my cardboard stages a long time ago.”


Christoph started his career in the music business as an artist manager and booker and toured the world as a tour manager and accountant. This was how his valuable network of contacts rose, which today enables us to get direct access to innumerable international acts. In PREMIUM PROJECTS Christoph consults for clients from all sectors in relation to talent and productions, he is responsible for client relations, art purchasing and our booking work. Additionally he oversees budgeting and marketing.

“It’s this mixture of permanent impression and transience that fascinates me.“, Christoph says. „It creates a uniqueness, which requires absolute precision and big thinking. We always have to keep the client’s wish in mind and still have to focus on the visitor, who is always our center of attention. Especially at the cultural events it is this bringing together of all different tastes, opinions and notions, which leads to an irresistible atmosphere. This is what makes our work so fascinating and fulfilling”.