PREMIUM PROJECTS is a boutique producer and agency for live experiences.

Our offices are based in Berlin and Cologne, Germany.

We are affiliated with sister companies in the Middle East and in the US.

Originating in the concert and touring industry and having a long track record in producing large scale events all over the globe, we finally went into producing and distributing high class theatrical shows and experience modules. Among our clients are the retail and leisure industry, such as shopping malls, funparks, cruise lines, hotel resorts, destination marketing and other hospitality companies. Our experiences are highly creative, mostly monumental and impressive in look and technology.


We develop our own product (and choose partner product) with a good sense of style and a clear focus on the client’s needs. We know retail and leisure peculiarities and we face them with both, a marketing and emotional approach. We always observe the latest in retail and leisure cognition and comply with it in our work maxime and our creative strategy.

And we even go one step further: In cooperation with experienced partners we offer location analysis and feasibility studies to be able to examine and prepare markets diligently. This process enables us to offer the most reliable success story to our clients.