Smooth logistics and the growing demands for technical procedures form the basis for every event. PREMIUM PROJECTS takes over the technical and logistical execution of concerts, tours, festivals and shows. We work for agencies, promoters, artists or industry clients.

PREMIUM PROJECTS offers a wide range of services from budgeting to coordination, like tour management, accounting, production and stage management, catering and public services coordination, technical production - including all necessary pre-planning, budgeting and calculation, coordination of third party providers and deliverers.

That’s how successful shows are planned: Individual, professional and economical.

An excerpt of our services:

- Preproduction (technical planning, seating, riders)
- Location Scouting (site visits, authority relations, permits)
- Acquisition and coordination of disciplines (technics, transport, security, catering etc.)
- Technical production (lights, sound, laser, pyro, projection etc.)
- Budgeting, accounting and controlling
- Commercial management and planning (booking, contracts, taxes etc.)
- Technical management, production & stage management
- Catering and service coordination
- Stage set design and construction, decoration
- Travel management (flights, hotels, limousines, busses, rooming lists etc.)
- Evaluation & documentation