PREMIUM PROJECTS has a proven track record in the development and execution of show and entertainment concepts. In addition, we develop productions “on demand” and provide our knowledge for artists, managers, promoters, agencies and producers for their projects, such as concerts, festivals, theatre projects and shows of all kinds.

We create ideas and concepts and we execute them. We create a variety of new entertainment modules, take care of show and set design, props and costumes and we develop FX elements. We also give advice for the technical and economical optimization of an existing event or project. We offer guidance for creative, technical, logistical and economical issues in the entire live entertainment business with a proven number of individual experiences.

PREMIUM SHOWS focuses especially on illusion technologies for both entertainment and implementation of display and presentation modules for brands. Our consulting for illusionists such as JAN ROUVEN and HANS KLOK, as well as our work for corporate clients like DRÄGER MEDICAL and the MAGICAL has enabled us to develop a comprehensive expertise in this particular market.